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40 Ft Container Loader
40 Ft Container Loader

40 Ft Container Loader

67500 USD

45 tons contanier loader is used for loading and unloading 40ft container or 20ft container.

SKU: TITAN8805002
MPN: TITAN8805002
Brand: TITAN

Description of Container Loader

The contanier loader has a number of advanced core technologies, and can complete container self-loading and unloading, vehicle-to-vehicle transfer and other operational functions with one machine. Strong capacity and other characteristics can meet the hoisting requirements of containers in different positions.

40 Ft Container Loader for Sale Price in Madagascar

40 Ft Container Loader for Sale Price in Madagascar

40 Ft Container Loader for Sale Price in Madagascar

40 Ft Container Loader for Sale Price in Madagascar

40 Ft Container Loader for Sale Price in Madagascar


Advantages of Container Loader

1. The contanier loader can realize the loading and unloading of 20ft or 40ft containers or similar containers through the sliding movement of the front and rear cranes. It has a wide range of applications and good versatility, greatly expanding the use of the equipment.

2. The 45ton contanier loader is powered by an independent engine with adjustable speed. The hydraulic oil output by the double pump passes through the confluence valve group, and then is sent to the multi-way valve group of the front and rear side cranes connected in series to drive the respective actuators. It has a wider range of linkage adaptability, which greatly guarantees the stability and reliability of the hoisting process.

3. The contanier loader for sale adopts high and low pressure double pumps, and supplies oil to the front and rear cranes after the combined flow through the diverter valve, which can realize the large flow of oil supplied by the double pumps at the same time under low pressure conditions and the high flow rate at high pressure Under working conditions, the small flow rate of high-pressure unloading of the low-pressure pump ensures the efficiency and quality of hoisting operations.


Specification of Container Loader

Max.lifting capacity: 45 ton

Funtion: Load 20/40ft container trailer

Trailer Chassis: 14100mm * 2500mm *4100mm

Axles: 3 axles

Tire: 12 units

Landing gear: JOST C200

Hydraulic pump: Gear type Casappa Italy

Hydraulic direction control valves: AMCA Holand

Motor: Japanese Kubota diesel engine


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Elliot from Toamasina, Madagascar - Apr. 18, 2022
I purchased a container side loader and it was perfect for my shipping needs. It is designed to be very flexible. I especially like its load capacity, it is able to easily lift heavy containers for my cargo transportation.
Kingsley from Antsirabe, Madagascar - Oct. 23, 2022
This 40ft container loader is suitable for the transportation of various size containers, such as 20ft, 40ft container. It is not only flexible, but also able to meet the transportation needs of different occasions.